Comacchio GEO 205



This rig can carry out a variety of drilling techniques which makes it a formidable, yet compact soil investigation rig.

The rig has a powerful impact hammer mounted to the side of the main drill head which can advance windowless sample barrels through soft over burden giving a very high quality of sample. Once harder ground is encountered the rig offers various options. It can continue drilling with hollow or solid stem augers, open hole, odex or even rotary case and core.

The on-board 1 tonne winch allows for in-situ testing to be carried out as required during the drilling process



  • Hollow stem augers
  • Solid stem augers
  • Auger casing system
  • Open holing
  • Drag bit drilling
  • Rock rollers
  • Odex drilling and casing system
  • In-situ testing (SPT/CPT)
  • Un-disturbed rotary coring
  • Air or water/mist flushing
  • Windowloess sampling
  • Borehole closure


Tracking width:1.0m
Tracking length:4.5m
Working width:2.0m
Working height:4.5m
Weight:2.6 tonnes