Dando Terrier 2002

DandoTerrier Rig


The Terrier is a small track-mounted soil sampling rig designed to carry out rapid, relatively shallow ground investiagtions for geotechnical and geo-evironmental assessment. We currently have three of these units. This drill is for our window sampling service.


In the right ground conditions, the Terrier is capable of:-

  • forming boreholes to 12m depth, up to 128mm diam. with the first 6m cased,
  • dynamic sampling of soils to obtain near-undisturbed continuous samples up to 112mm diam. retained in plastic liner,
  • undisturbed soil sampling of 70mm and 38mm diam.,
  • Standard Penetration Testing (SPTs) in gerenal accordance with BS1377,
  • Installing standpipes, monitoring wells, biaxial inclinometer tubing and various other instruments,
  • forming boreholes for a variety of ground remediation techniques,
  • dynamic probing in accordance with BS1377 and
  • coring neat 140mm holes through hard-standing.


The Terrier is easily mobilised to site via a large van which also contains all ancillary equipment and materials. The diesel engines are fiiited with Calwyn valves and spark arrestors for operating petrol forecourts etc. The mast can be detached from the tracked chassis for remote operation where access is restricted.


Access width:0.9m
Access height:1.5m
Access length:2.4m
Operating width:1.3m
Operating height:3.2m
Operating length:2.7m
Working area:4m 2 xm (min)
Weight:1.3 tonnes