Premier Modular 100 Rig

Premier Modular Rig


The modular 100 is a specialist light weight fully dismountable 150kg  (total weight) high performance rig. Its design enables it to be transported to any position. Despite its small size the modular 100 is fully capable of carrying out standard SPT tests and U100T samples. Its continuous casing system allows it to drill through non cohesive metal or callapsing formations. Its general capabilities are the same as any standard track window sample rig.

The rig is powered by a small portable hydraulic power pack which can be situated well away from the borehole position. The samples are jacked out of the ground using a 12 ton hydraulic jack. To date the rig has successfully been used on a number of jobs where extra costs and time have been saved due to the rig being hand portable. The Premier 100 has been fully aproved for use on the London underground Infracstructure.


The Modular 100 rig has been designed specifically for areas with difficult or restricted access.

Fully assembled the rig has a mast height of just 2.03m and requires a ground set up area of 1.5m x 1.5m



  • Window Sampling
  • Window-less Sampling
  • U38 Samples
  • U70 Samples
  • Casing upt 128mm diameter
  • DPSH
  • SPT/CPT testing
  • Concrete Coring
  • UT100 Sampling


Mast Height (fully assembled)2.03m
Working area required1.5m x 1.5m
Total weight (when assembled)150 kg